September 27

Daphne found an old Karaoke microphone of mine packed away in a drawer this week. A new game she invented called "la la la" has us doubling over in laughter. First, she runs up to the nearest person extending the microphone to their mouth until they sing, "la la la" into the mic. With both hands gripping the microphone, Daphne skips to the open area in front of the TV and performs a concert of Daphne gibberish (i.e., she dances and somehow manages to get tangled up in the cord while belting out her own interpretation of "la la la").

After working nearly six hours in the yard (mowing, weed-eating, trimming hedges, spraying shrubs with chemicals to prevent scale, spreading ant-block pellets, etc), I had built quite an appetite. Jennie, her parents, and Daphne spent the afternoon at a local park (hiking and enjoying the outdoors) while I trimmed our jungle of grass. If I were a betting man, I would wager it rained just about every day over the last two weeks. I am still beating myself up over not aerating the yard this past year. It really would have made a noticeable difference. Oh well, in the words of my former CIO, "you can polish a turd all you want, but it's still a turd". hehehe

I will try to take some video of Daphne this week if I can remember to charge my camcorder's battery. New photos coming soon!

No news to report on our house. Can you believe that no one has toured our castle in over two weeks? Our house information flyers on the FOR SALE sign keep disappearing at a healthy pace (20 to 30 per week taken), but no nibbles...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Anonymous said...

People are probably nosey and want to see if you have pictures of the inside. I've done that before. You are probably getting really down though. Daphne looks like she has grown so much. She needs to come see grandma. She sure is a busy little lady and she sure gets excited when her daddy gets home. How sweet! give her hugs from grandma.