September 8

I hope you had a terrific holiday weekend full of rest and relaxation!

Daphne had a routine doctor visit today for her 18-month old check up.
Here are her vitals:

HEIGHT - 32.25 inches (68th percentile) up from 51st percentile at last visit.
WEIGHT - 22 pounds 13 ounces (28th percentile) up from 14th percentile.
HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE - 17.68 inches (11th percentile) down from 16th percentile.
BODY MASS INDEX - 15.4 (14th percentile) up from 4th percentile.

So, Daphne's height has exploded upwards (could she play basketball?) and her weight is progressing nicely (doubling in percentile). Her doctor is pleased with her overall health and development despite her petite noggin and skinny frame. She's still my perfect little angel!

This morning our realty company called and informed us that not one, but two more families wanted to tour our house today! As of this posting, we have not received any new purchase offers (but we are crossing our fingers for tomorrow). Hey, that's a great sign -- our house has been on the market nearly three weeks and has already been shown to three different families. In this economy, it seems a FOR SALE sign in your yard must translate to "hey, make me a ridiculously low offer and I'll eventually crumble".

Daphne has increased her vocabulary again. A sampling of her newest words are "eggie" (egg), "bwock-lee" (broccoli), "tose" (toast), "wok" (walk), "hebbee" (heavy), "muck" (anything liquid, but usually milk), "bell-bow" (elbow), "tees" (cheese), "nanny" (banana), "cup" (cup), "Mee-mee" (Grandma - Jennie's Mom), "Pop-pop" (Grandpa - Jennie's Dad), and my favorite word of all-time: "Dad-dee". Granted, she says "cookie" a lot while reaching for the pantry door and loves to proclaim "what-tee" anytime she sees water. While Daphne absolutely LOVES "Mel-moe" (Elmo), she can name most of the Sesame Street cast of characters -- "buhr-dee" (Big Bird), "ehr-nee" (Ernie), "butt" (Burt), "ab-bee" (Abby), "go-vuh" (Grover), etc.

Here are some new photos taken yesterday for your viewing pleasure:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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