September 23

Pardon the typographical error in my previous post. Daphne only weighs 23.6 pounds (not 33.6). It was late and I goofed!

Happy 145th anniversary to Jennie and me! 12 years and one month ago we were married here in Nashville. What can you possibly buy your wife for her 145th anniversary? Hmmm...

Daphne loves to examine the mailbox for new mail each day. She gleefully waves to passing cars and planes overhead while screaming, "Bye!" at the top of her lungs. Always smiling ear-to-ear, Daphne is transforming into a social butterfly and a dramatic little princess. Today at her zoo class, she was able to pet a giant skink (lizard) and a hedgehog after learning about them.

Here are some new photos of Daphne running around the house just before bedtime:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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