September 21

Happy First Day of Autumn!

The fall weather is on its way (temperatures are beginning to dip here in middle Tennessee). With all of the rain recently, I truly feel like we live in Seattle. Will it ever stop?

Daphne has nearly recovered from her nasty cold. A slight cough and a little bit of congestion is all that remains of her illness. She weighed in at 33.6 pounds today (unofficially) on our bathroom scale.

Some new phrases Daphne has acquired over the last week or so: "hep" (help), "mohr muck" (more milk), "mine" (mine, give it to me), "hoss" (horse), and "light" (light). I know I am forgetting some other phrases, but she's also beginning to form small 2 and 3 word sentences --- they don't always make sense, but she's trying!

Here are some new photos of Daphne enjoying her toy car:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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