November 10

Well, I am another year older and wiser. Since the lifespan of an *average* man is approximately 77.6 years (according to Harvard Medical School), I am 1.8 years away from being "over the hill". How depressing!

Without sounding too biased, I feel Daphne is such a smart little girl! Her increasing vocabulary and sense of humor amazes me. She has grasped simple subject/verb sentences and repeats nearly every type of word you throw her way...

She likes to straddle her potty chair fully clothed, grip her fists, grunt like a caveman, and proclaim loudly, "pee pee poo poo". Daphne seems anxious to be rid of diapers. And, she is not quite 21 months old yet.

My recent lack of blogging (excuses, excuses) is attributable to being extra busy at work. I have more training in Atlanta forthcoming over the next few weeks.

Here are some new photos of Daphne:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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