November 7

Today, our house was shown for the seventh time since we listed it for sale (and the fourth time in the past two weeks after our price reduction). Maybe we will receive an offer soon?

This week was definitely a challenge! I spent five days away from Jennie & Daphne as I traveled to Atlanta for business training. On the bright side, it did fly by rather quickly (great food, long days in class, and a little shopping & hockey). I don't understand how full-time consultants who travel each and every week do it. Spending time with my family is so very important to me.

In three short days, I will be 37 years young. It seems like only yesterday I was 36 years & 361 days old. Oh yeah, I was.

New photos of Daphne coming soon:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


Scott, Meredith & Audrey said...

I agree; how do those who travel do it?

Lizz said...

Happy Birthday!