November 20

Yay! I am home from Atlanta... but Daphne is sick. Boo!

Daphne began coughing a few days ago and last night it turned to wheezing and labored breathing. While I returned from training last night, Jennie took Daphne to the doctor's office. Luckily, our medical insurance covered the purchase of a new nebulizer and albuterol for our little asthmatic angel.

The previous time Daphne had the wheezing episodes I had just changed jobs and we were effectively without medical insurance (other than the dreaded access to COBRA) for a few weeks. One of Jennie's nursing friends graciously let us borrow her nebulizer for a few breathing treatments. Daphne recuperated and we were told she *might* outgrow this asthmatic condition in due time.

Oh well, she responds really well to the albuterol. And that is both a blessing and a curse. While we are grateful she can breathe better, it means that she might lead a life of asthma inhalers and breathing issues.

On the bright side, my new digital SLR camera arrives today! So, I will continue adding to my existing library of over 6,000 photos of Daphne... this new 15.1 megapixel camera snaps over 3.5 pictures per second! Wow! Never again will I miss a cute expression or grin as I have over the past few years with a crappy point & shoot digital camera. The point & shoot cameras take way too long to recover between photos for my liking.

Please return soon for more photos!!!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Lizz said...

Aiden had similar issues as a toddler and is fine now if that helps ease your mind any. Chemicals like febreze set off his attacks so if those are used in your house, you might curb the use for now. I have been able to use them again for years now with no issues. The only thing I have watched for is sports related asthma with him since he plays soccer ( I watch for it in the players I coach in soccer as well) because it can crop up due to exertion even in kids with no previous history.
Hang in there- having kids is an every day adventure with something new all the time!