March 12

As I cooked dinner Monday evening, a distant metallic scraping sound filled the air. The annoying noise seemed to be coming from outside. The sound magnified intensely from the side of our house as I opened the back door. I crossed my fingers, grabbed a flashlight, and investigated the situation as my fears were met. Weathered and tattered, our heat pump's fan finally snapped off of the motor housing. I called the HVAC repair company and they instructed us to switch our system over to Emergency Heat for the evening. Great, I thought.

We slipped on extra clothing and turned the thermostat way down.

Luckily, Tuesday morning the unit was repaired with a new fan. And, our house has reliable heat once again. Below are some photos of Daphne bundled up to avoid the cold chill...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


Lizz said...

She gets cuter with every picture! Hope Jennie is healing well and that Daphne's little tummy is getting regulated! Take care!

cuz said...

she is just amazing. i can't wait to check out your blog daily to see pictures of daphne. i have shared them w/everyone of my friends, i take pics and text them to those that don't use the computer. just wish u lived closer.