March 6

Photos coming today. Most likely in the late afternoon to evening -- it depends on if I get out to Target while Jennie rests, etc. I am trying to get my car in the shop today as well. Having one car functional is tough.

Yesterday we had two separate doctor appointments plus I went to the pharmacy and grocery store twice. We were "away from home" more than we were home, it seemed. Jennie's edema is pouring from a several inch incision in her belly. Her stomach was stapled, but a three inch portion of the sixteen inch slice is leaking fluid. I am having to scrub up, create a sterile environment, and cautiously pack her full of wicked cotton twice per day. I feel like Doctor Davey! No fainting allowed.

Jennie and I are absolutely exhausted! Breastfeeding our little pumpkin every 2 1/2 to 3 hours requires creativity (especially when you have to sneak a boob to baby during a chore).

Today *should* be our first day of rest at home since we arrived back from the hospital. We are getting about three to four hours of sleep per night at the moment. Yay.

I would not trade parenthood for anything in the world, but I want Jennie's C-section wounds to heal up timely and properly. And, Daphne has been terrific as well.

Today, I will take more photos and sort through the ones I have taken over the past few days as well.

Oh well, time to wake up Daphne for some more boob juice!

More later,
Dave T. (AKA, the most sleepy Dad I know)

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