March 6 Again...

Evening Update: Here are some photos as promised. Exhaustion has officially set in. Jennie and I are trying to nap whenever Daphne is zonked out, but the alarm clock seems to always buzz when we enter deep sleep. Breastfeeding every 3 hours is challenging!

Without further ado, here are some photos:

Good Things Come In Small Packages... (March 4)

Preparing To Leave the Hospital... (March 4)

Chillin' In My Bassinet (March 6)

Daddy Is JEALOUS Of My Hair! (March 6)

Me, Me, Me... (March 6)

Mommy's Little Doll (March 6)

Until later,
Dave T.


Clay said...

Great pictures! She is just precious looking.

I hope you guys can get rested up a bit.

Take care!

Lizz said...

Too adorable! She is just too cute!
Take care and good luck getting that sleep!