March 19

Yesterday marked a milestone for the Tilson clan. Jennie and I spent the evening away from home and attended a hockey game. It felt odd being apart from baby Daphne. At one point, Jennie insisted, "Maybe I should call home and find out how she is doing." I assured Jennie that her parents would call my cell phone if Daphne decided to cry uncontrollably or became a super poop monster.

Jennie's Mom spent the night with us last night and assisted Jennie in late night Daphne care (feeding, diaper duty, etc). I absolutely cherish being able to sleep an entire night without any interruption! I feel completely and utterly well rested today.

Happy Birthday to Jennie's Mom. Please don't tell anyone that she has 62 candles on her cake! It's a secret.

Birthday time for Jennie's Mom

I promise to post some new photos before this weekend. Well, I need to go warm up some leftovers for Jennie...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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