March 8

Eight day old Daphne is keeping us busy! Jennie is sending me out to Wal-Greens to buy some Mylicon drops (to help with fussy, gassy baby).

I tried to write a blog entry last night several times, but the crying baby took priority.

Jennie and I are tired, but managing to keep it all together...

Maybe I can upload some photos tonight?

I just realized that tonight is Daylight Savings Time at 2am. Don't forget to set your clock 1 hour ahead.

This afternoon I bought some organic Gripe Water (and it really seems to be helping with Daphne's fussy behavior). She is sleeping like a champ now! Amazingly enough, we were able to take two naps today.

I did snap several cute photos today and maybe I will sort through them tomorrow while Jennie works on the numerous "Thank You" notes to be sent out.

More to come later,
Dave T.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

we gave Ella gas drops after every feeding.

much happer baby and parents!!

Bill & Erica