March 23

Happy Easter!

Last night we had a feast with Jennie's parents, my Mom, and Bill. Unfortunately, Daphne cried for several hours after dinner. She has a strong set of lungs, determined to voice her discomfort to one and all.

Today, Daphne has been a little angel -- sleeping, playing, cooing. I hope her gas, reflux, colic, or whatever ails her is not active tonight! We are anxious for a good night's sleep.

Maggie (our ten year old Cairn Terrier) caught a bird today and injured it beyond the point of return. I felt horrible tossing it (with gloved hand) over our fence into an overgrown easement, but the stray, feral cats will now have some easy prey. Wagging her tail the entire time, Maggie had to believe she was merely playing with a toy.

Well, it's time for supper. Enjoy what's left of your Easter holiday!

Daphne enjoying her new bouncer seat

Grandma Margery playing with Daphne

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


Our New Baby said...

Great site. It looks like you had a great Easter!

Anonymous said...

she is such a doll baby. this Easter you could put her into an easter basket and she'd be a perfect fit....enjoyed the pics of the grandparents...needless to say they looked very thrilled w/her.
she is so dainty and tiny. love the hair bows in her hair, i'd be a volunteer babysitter if i lived closer to you. keep those pics coming, i love looking at them all.
put her in the middle of tons of stuffed toys and dolls and take a pic. i've seen those they are so cute. you can play photographer at home, just as good now days. like the tub shots, and all. that is so cool.....