June 3

Sorry folks, I stand corrected. Please forgive me for addressing my family improperly in my last post. I foolishly referred to everyone as "Grandma" and "Grandpa" and later discovered they prefer to be called other stuff. So, my apologies to Grammy Amy, Grampy Barry, Grandpa Wayne, and Nanny Cyndee. Also, cousin Michael and Great Nanny Betty visited Daphne on Saturday as well (really not fair to leave anyone out).

Whew! Hot days are here again... temperatures outside will pierce 90 degrees all week! This is the glorious time of year when our backyards become brown and crunchy. Not all bad if you hate mowing your lawn, I suppose. But, the July 4th weekend is troublesome when your neighborhood resembles the 2003 Iraq "Shock and Awe" missile onslaught. I am not anxious to see how Daphne will sleep that weekend... hehehe

Speaking of Daphne, she appears to be suffering from our good friend conjunctivitis (also known as "pink eye"). The doctor's office told us not to bring her in unless it gets worse. Still full of smiles, her eye is not slowing her down one bit.

Here are some photos from Sunday:
(as always, feel free to click on the pictures below to see a BIGGER version)

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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