June 2

Where do the weekends go? They are never long enough...

Grandpa Wayne (my Dad) and Grandma Cyndee visited Daphne on Saturday afternoon. We enjoyed a nice meal at Logan's Steakhouse while Daphne slept in her car seat. As we were finishing up, Daphne began to stir (uh oh, here comes the crying). Luckily, the restaurant was loud enough to drown out her fussiness. She calmed down as I bounced her on my lap and loved on her. Daddy's arms seem to pacify her more than a car seat these days. We are slowly getting over our fear of taking Daphne out in public (she cries anywhere and everywhere!).

Yesterday, we celebrated Grandpa Barry's (Jennie's Dad) birthday at Mimi's Cafe. Once again, Daphne slept wonderfully for the first 45 minutes or so (notice a pattern here? hehehe). But, Mommy saved the day by creating a portable milk tent to feed Daphne (I draped a receiving blanket over Jennie's shoulder to hide her "milk factory"). Oddly enough, I think people get really freaked out at the sight of a mother breastfeeding here in the South. No one saw Jennie or made any comments, but I was prepared to verbally assault anyone caught staring in disgust. Our table was situated in the corner and out of casual view -- so, it was a non-issue.

I will post more photos in the coming days.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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