June 6

Daphne celebrates her 14th week of life today. That's 3 1/2 months for those who are mathematically challenged!

Week two of my work's "The Biggest Loser" contest is underway and I am currently the reigning loser (having lost 8 pounds in week 1). The winner after 6 weeks (i.e., the person who loses the most cumulative weight) will win a couple hundred dollars. At this point, my motivation is simple: I want a new motherboard and CPU in my home computer. I really need a new one and losing weight at the same time is a bonus.

Big plans this weekend? I have not even a clue as to what adventures Daphne will enjoy this weekend. Now that hockey season has ended, I wander around like a lost puppy... (Detroit won the Stanley Cup the other night -- boo, hiss, boo)

Daphne's next round of immunization shots will be on Monday, June 23rd (her 4-month old routine doctor visit).

Have a great weekend!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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