December 25

Merry Christmas everyone!

Highlights of Daphne's second Christmas: learning to rip the wrapping paper like a big girl, playing with the bows (placing them all over her body), and running in circles with arms outstretched and loudly giggling. Watching her excitement as she opened each gift was truly priceless!

A few of Daphne's favorite gifts received this morning were: her Elmo slippers, tent and tunnel, and her IKEA wooden bead rollercoaster.

More anecdotes coming soon...

Here are a few photos of Daphne opening her Christmas goodies:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Lizz said...

Some of my very best memories of Aiden are his early Christmases! Thanks for sharing Daphne's! She is truly a doll! Happy New Year! May it be even better than 2009!