December 30

Daphne absolutely *loves* playing house in her new pup tent. "Hold hand", she says with an outstretched arm as she leads you to her humble abode. Once you arrive, Daphne will bark an order, "one becky (blanket) please". This is her way of politely asking you to retrieve a blanket. Upon delivering the treasure, she cries, "becky two!"

Hmm, you can probably see where this is going. I promptly return with her second favorite blanket and present it to the Queen of Tents. "Becky three, Daddy!" Uh oh, another blanket for her highness and on the double. What can I say? My little girl has me wrapped around her little finger.

I am so glad Daphne can only count to five. And, luckily, she only has five blankets, too! She makes sure Elmo, Ernie, and "Muckey Gorge" (Curious George) are tucked in tight and each lay horizontal under their own blanket. Then, she begins cooking soup for all of her dollies and pretends to feed them until they are stuffed.

After a little hide and seek around the chairs and dining room table, Daphne insists I chase her around the house in another game called, "Run, run, run". When she gets caught up in the moment, she yells, "I gonna get you, Daddy!"

More photos soon!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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