December 2

My third and final week of training in Dunwoody (a suburb in northeast Atlanta) is drawing to a close and I sure do miss Daphne & Jennie! Only a few more days until I hear the phrase "daddy-daddy-daddy" spill forth from my angelic Daphne-doodle.

How do you politely teach the word vagina to a toddler?
When Daphne was first learning to speak, Jennie and I thought "tootie" would be a somewhat pleasant term for Daphne's nether regions. Unfortunately, Daphne began calling it her "cookie". And, she LOVES Sesame Street (one of her favorite characters is Cookie Monster)! Even worse, Daphne will run to the pantry and yell, "cookie, cookie, cookie" when she is hungry. So, now we are in a predicament. On any given morning, Daphne might be yelling for a "cookie" while she is watching "Cookie" on TV and touching her "cookie". Oh brother! We need a new term for her yoohoo... any thoughts?

Elmo is rubbing off on Daphne
Daphne has become increasingly ticklish over the past month. I first noticed Daphne squirm and uncontrollably chuckle during her bath as I washed her underarms and the bottoms of her feet. It's so cute to watch her tighten up her limbs and say, "that tickles" as she laughs in a high pitched tone.

Here are some photos from Thanksgiving weekend:

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Jennifer T. said...

We're really in trouble when Yo Gabba Gabba comes on next. My name is Toodee, Toodee, Ta-ta-ta, Ti-ta-ta-ta, Toodee!