May 13

Good news! Daphne's lab results came back negative for blood in her stool. So, what does that mean? Basically, Jennie can slowly introduce dairy products back into her diet (one group at a time while being extra mindful of Daphne's bowel production).

As I arrived home from work this evening, Daphne happily played while cooing for her bouncy seat's dangling giraffe and elephant toys. Twenty minutes or so later, out of the blue, she begins screaming and crying inconsolably. Naturally, I try all of the soothing techniques I have acquired during my Daddily-duties (holding Daphne over my shoulder while patting her back, reclining Daphne in my arms while rubbing her belly, propping Daphne up against my thighs while moving her hands like a marionette, etc), but nothing seems to work. Increasingly fussy, little Miss Daffodil is still running a low-grade fever (between 99.4 and 100.8 depending on how mad she is at the time). The good doctor said not to bring her back to the office unless her temperature reaches 101 degrees... amazing how such a content little girl can go from 0 to PO'ed in less than 60 seconds.

All of the parenting books say that babies may cry several hours per day for no reason whatsoever. Geez, I guess we are truly lucky that she does not cry more?

This is week two of my new job. While still getting settled in and adjusted to my surroundings, I am having a great time configuring my 2 PCs and laptop. I have plenty of tasks to work on, so life is good...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Anonymous said...

hey dave, boy is your lil doll growing, i had missed like a wk. or so, and i can tell in the pics. wow.
just wanted you to know i now have a lil girl too. we now have an addition, our niece Amanda now lives w/us, we have custody of her she is 10, and we have homework. we have went from a 19yr old, a 22yr. back to 10, whew, the things one forgets, and learning girl stuff. i am not sleeping either LOL....lisa