May 23

Daphne reverted back to her "I'm gonna cry every two hours" routine last night. She is on the cusp of being old enough to "Ferberize" or where you let them cry themselves to sleep. No worries; Jennie has read up on all of the different theories regarding self soothing techniques. Soon, Daphne's neurological system will be mature enough to cope with these concepts. After all, we don't want her to grow up manipulating us and ruling the roost (yet, I think she has me wrapped around her finger already! She's just so flippin' cute when she grins at me...) hehehe

Daphne's sleep patterns had been doing so well all this week (usually waking up once per night between 3 and 4 am). Oh well, babies are unpredictable, right?

This is Memorial Day weekend! A time for some cold, frosty liquid refreshment and homemade hamburgers on the grill... be safe and enjoy your weekend!

I will be sure to snap a lot of photos of Daphne this weekend.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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