May 25

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Daphne has nearly perfected the art of rolling over from her back to her stomach. Our little wiggle worm loves to kick feverishly and reaches for toys with great vigor. As Jennie tempts her with a stuffed toy frog, Daphne sways back and forth continually in attempts to grab it. I could watch her for hours...

Daphne's neck muscles continue to stabilize daily and she is beginning to hold her head up like a champ. Other than a tiny episode Friday night, Daphne threw no fussy tantrums this weekend. She even smiled several times for Grandma and Grandpa.

Yesterday, we celebrated Memorial Day with Jennie's parents at our house. I fired up the grill and tossed some juicy ribeyes over the coals. After dinner, we played some Blongoball in the backyard until Daphne woke up from her brief nap.

Here is a photo of Daphne (in Mommy's arms) smiling at me just before her bedtime...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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