May 3

Jennie's folks came over today and helped us hang some curtain rods and heavy drapes in Daphne's room. Hopefully, Daphne's room will cease to be the warmest room in summer and the coldest room in the winter. Little by little, we are gradually knocking out our chores around the house. Replacing the six tiles in front of our new dishwasher is currently at the bottom of Jennie's "Honey-do" list.

My sister's birthday falls on Monday and then Tuesday is her son's (my nephew) third birthday. I like to phone and remind her that her birthday gift is still on the shelf at a local Wal-mart (just waiting for me to go and pick it up). Hmmm, my mother's birthday is two weeks from tomorrow. What should I buy for all of these Tauruses?

If good weather comes our way tomorrow, we might take Daphne out for a walk in her stroller.

Ready to play some Nintendo Wii

Bashful beauty

Daphne loves her brand new mobile...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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