May 9

Daphne's third straight day of fever (101 degrees today) prompted Jennie to schedule a doctor visit. After arriving home from work, I packed up the car and we made our way to the night clinic in Belle Meade. The doctor on duty believes Daphne is getting better but definitely suffered a viral, upper respiratory infection (as indicated by the rash on her chest). No blood work was ordered and guess what? Daphne weighed in at a whopping 11 pounds!

I have eye twitches in both eyes. Both Jennie and I are exhausted for different reasons -- I am sick with a common cold and Jennie feels like an endless baby milk factory. Will it ever get easier? I suppose when Daphne is 18 years old and moving off to college...

Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! Get lots of rest and celebrate with your Mom.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Clay said...

Get some rest if you can! Hope you both feel better soon.

By the way, it will get better before she turns 18! :-)