May 30

Today, Daphne rolled over from her belly to her back several times in the crib all by herself! This tear evoking milestone left Jennie and me speechless. Our little baby is growing up right before our very eyes.

Later, I read some Richard Scarry stories (featuring Huckle and the Lowly Worm) to Daphne. Persistently trying to communicate with us, she cooed and mumbled baby gibberish for a good amount of time. Betwixt her chatter, I swear she said "Daddy" or maybe it was "Dabby"... oh well, wishful thinking, right? But, Jennie heard it, too.

Here are some photos I snapped today before nap time...

Daphne is 13 weeks old today!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Anonymous said...

She is growing so fast. Already turning over, she'll be sitting up before long. Today I got all caught up on the blog. I just wish I could get my hands on Daphne. I'd like to snuggle her. Maybe before too much longer. Mom