May 8

Daphne's fever has subsided and she appears to be back to her old self. I guess first-time parents are always guilty of being "worry warts" and overprotective. Probably by child number two or three, you have seen it all and nothing fazes you.

As I left for work this morning, Jennie's exhaustion is becoming apparent. What she would give for an hour or two of "me" time to take a shower or shave her legs! All the little things we take for granted completely disappear after giving birth...

Oh well, on the optimistic side, Daphne is beginning to show signs of "parroting" or trying to mimic sounds we make. She responds to certain nursery rhymes (i.e., recalling the tune from a previous day) by showing a smile.

Tomorrow, Daphne celebrates her 10th week of life. I am still trying to decide how Daphne and I are going to surprise Mommy for Mother's Day...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Anonymous said...

How about surprising her with some much needed sleep. A nice breakfast in bed would be nice too!