May 29

The NHL hockey season is winding down for the year (Detroit leads Pittsburgh 2 games to 1 in the Stanley Cup Finals) and tonight's 2-hour season finale of Lost (greatest TV show ever) has me absolutely salivating...

Last night, Daphne's swaddle blanket was replaced by a "sleep sack" gown. She is approaching 4 months of age and will be completely rolling over any day now. So, to avoid any potential suffocation issues, we are trying to wean her from her swaddling dependency. And, oh brother, did she ever voice her displeasure last night? waahh, pout, cry... Our little screamer kept us up for most of the night (swaddling detoxification is a tough addiction to break). Hey, it was reminiscent of the olden days when she acted colicky in the early evenings. The major difference now is that her pleading cries sound like a dying cat instead of a baby in pain. hehehe

Jennie and I giggle like two little school kids when Daphne rips a giant poot across her baby monitor. All will be silent and whammo! She releases her painful flatulence. That's my girl!

Daphne's favorite time of the day is around 6am (when she first starts to stir). She smiles from ear to ear and reaches out to be picked up.

Guess what? I began the tedious task of replacing the porcelain tile in front of our new dishwasher last night (after months of talking/griping about it). It feels really nice to get that process started.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you puttle your little one in a sleep sack - we use the Halo brand and think it is better than the rest. they even have bigger sizes for toddlers with feet holes in them. we got ours from - and if since you are having problems with the "swaddle detox) Halo has a sleepsack swaddle that you can take wings off when you don't want the swaddle feature - more of an easy let down for those who love to be swaddled...good luck!