October 16

Jennie went to Yoga class this morning for the first time in several weeks. She called me at work and said she felt great afterwards. It makes me a little nervous to see her twisting and contorting her body, but I think she knows her body's limits.

Nashville's hockey team has until Halloween to complete its' sale to the local group of buyers or they will most certainly be relocated by a future owner (my long term opinion based on the "out clause" of the lease and the poor attendance figures). Zero advertising, no media support, and a generally apathetic, "Good-Ole-Boy" culture in Nashville are creating a recipe for disaster. The consensus around the league is that Nashville does not deserve a team and that Tennessee is simply not a viable sports market. This topic causes my blood to boil, so I will give it a rest...

LINK OF THE DAY: The Anatomy of a Black Hole...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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