October 23

Happy October 23rd!

It has rained non-stop here in middle Tennessee for the better part of two straight days. No complaints here -- we desperately needed the rain. In the meantime, my yard has become a jungle of grass and weeds. :)

Today, Jennie and I celebrate our 122nd wedding anniversary (that's monthly, not yearly). We have no big plans at this time... (especially, since she is working all week). We can relax in front of the tube or read our books in bed.

Maybe the Nashville Predators can extinguish their 5 game losing streak tonight in Los Angeles? With each mounting loss, I get more and more excited about the great draft pick positioning for next summer. While I try to look on the bright side, I fear the casual hockey fans may become apathetic and fall off of the bandwagon if we lose too many matches though.

Thursday cannot arrive fast enough for us to learn our baby's sex.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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