October 8

Another day, another dollar. I nearly used a sick day at work this morning, but I resisted. My fever and dizziness have gone away, but now I am coughing like I belong in a tuberculosis ward! I simply loaded up on cough drops and Acetaminophen on my way out the door.

Do you have Shower-zheimers also? Each morning I stumble out of bed at 5:20am half-awake. As I take my shower, I begin thinking about my upcoming day -- deadlines, things to do, etc. That's when my affliction, Shower-zheimers, takes over! I cannot seem to remember where I have soaped last or if I have shampooed my balding scalp. Jennie says I could cure my Shower-zheimers if I made a daily routine: maybe start from top to bottom consistently? Oh well, I guess washing some places more than once is not all that bad?

Jennie is really starting to feel the baby when she sits up or gets out of bed.


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Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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