October 9

Jennie's AFP Tetra (alpha-fetoprotein) test came back negative. That's great news! No neural tube defects, no Down's syndrome, etc. to worry about now.

I will keep today's entry brief while I recuperate at home from work today. Yes, I decided to break down and use a sick day. Having a sinus infection as I do now, I feel like I have been repeatedly hit in the head with a baseball bat. My raspy cough leads me to grasp my temples tightly to somehow alleviate the throbbing. I will be fine and dandy in a few days (I'm sure)... after all, it is just a cold.

Meanwhile, keep playing tiny violins for me. :)

Jennie is doing great! Her immune system is solid.

LINK OF THE DAY: Target now selling iRocks in place of iPods...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear about the good news from the test! Hope you are feeling better!