October 2

Jennie is doing better with each passing day. She is beginning to display that "pregnant glow".

Sorry I am not my usual perky self, but another article released this morning leads us to believe that the health of Nashville's hockey team is once again on very shaky ground. Call me a jaded fan, but the National Hockey League is not doing itself any favors -- marketing is horrible, ticket prices keep rising, and the rules are constantly being tweaked.

If the Predators relocate, this will be the impetus I need to finally pack up and move my family away from this "bass-ackward" town. Since Jennie's parents are retiring and moving to Florida in the next couple of years anyway, only our frozen embryos are keeping us tied to Nashville. The only supervening question is: Where will we settle? Maine? Oregon? Colorado? Florida? All our options are open...

LINK OF THE DAY: How well do you know the Earth?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Clay said...

I saw that article in the paper this morning and it just burned me up. I can't believe what a short memory this town has and how short-sighted a lot of the people are that post comments. Un-freaking-believable!