April 10

Daphne has been sleeping soundly in her bassinet all this week. In fact, we have not resorted to using her car seat as a bed since last Friday. Daphne's baby cold appears to be gone as well (temperature back to normal, nose clear, better attitude).

Jennie's parents brought over some "barbecue and fixins" this evening as we watched the Predators lose to the Red Wings on the tube. Maybe Saturday afternoon Nashville will avenge the loss in this best-of-7 series?

Our new dishwasher has been installed and I'm excited! New appliances and gadgets always make a man's heart flutter. Male inborn behavior teaches us never to read the owner's manual. We just push buttons and turn knobs until we learn how it works (or at least we think we know).

Jennie snapped this photo today while my little Daffy-doodle was taking a nap:

Relaxing in my bassinet

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Lizz said...

Dave and Jennie- Daphne gets cuter every day! Thank you for the birth announcement! She is a complete doll! I am glad to hear she is finally sleeping better and not in the car seat! Take care!