April 5

What a busy past few days! A hockey game, diaper duty, and lots of time spent chipping away porcelain tile in our kitchen has kept me swamped.

Little Daphne has been sleeping better at night, but she's still using the car seat most nights. We prop the car seat inside her bassinet and situate it to face Jennie's side of the bed. Swaddled tightly and draped with a soft blanket, Daffy-doodle seems to prefer sleeping upright. Our pediatrician told us that she does not appear to have reflux issues, but she is now displaying many of the symptoms: frequent spitting up, increasing fussiness during and after feedings, stomach gurgling followed by intense crying out of the blue.

MILESTONE ALERT: Now that Daphne is 5 weeks old, she is beginning to focus on Jennie and me while we talk to her. Until now, she was always staring off in la-la land. I long for the day when she begins cooing, laughing, and saying, "Da da is the best!"

Well, the Predators are going to the playoffs for the 4th year in a row. Written off and left for dead by the elitist Canadian media, the Predators were expected to finish near the bottom of the league this year. The ownership situation, salary dumping, and franchise uncertainty last summer made this a frustrating, yet satisfying season (for those that love an underdog). Simply making the playoffs is gravy; no one really expects Nashville to beat the great Satan, I mean the Detroit Red Wings.

Rain, rain, go away. I REALLY need to mow my yard. If this rain continues, I will need to buy a scythe...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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