April 29

Daphne slept on my chest tonight while we watched TV. It never fails; her peaceful snoring always makes me snooze, too. She's still producing creamy, "orange marmalade" poop or side-effect diarrhea. Jennie spoke to her pediatrician today and he reassured us not to worry about Daphne's bowels, yet. If her chaotic colon does not correct itself by next Monday, we will have to take her to the doctor's office.

I begin my new job on Cinco de Mayo! While I feel sad saying goodbye to several of my current co-workers, I am equally as excited to begin my new opportunity. It helps that I already know many of my new co-workers (and I really like them, too). The life of a software developer is never dull.

Can you believe it? I still have not found any time to fix the tile in front of our dishwasher. I figured that having a baby would be a time vacuum, but I had no idea how radically my life would change. That being said, I would not trade Daphne for anything.

Here are a couple photos taken by Jennie's Mom's camera:

Grandpa holding Daphne (4/3/08)

Grandma loving on Daphne (4/20/08)

Mommy taking Daphne to the park... (4/24/08)

Mommy feeding Daphne a bottle (4/25/08)

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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