April 19

Daphne is beginning to show signs of "baby acne" around her neck and ears -- a common condition in babies between 2 and 4 months of age. I will not pretend to be a doctor, but it has something to do with Mommy's hormones, etc. No worries, I suppose. Our little angel's "pizza face" will clear up soon enough!

Wow! Did you watch that heart breaker of a game last night? The Predators nearly won their first ever post-season game up in Detroit. While being out shot 54 to 21, the Predators trailed the entire game before notching the equalizer with 43 seconds remaining. The Red Wings came out strong, scored 108 seconds into sudden death overtime, and sent me to bed in a foul mood. Oh well, the best of 7 series is 3-2 in Detroit's favor with the next game being here in Nashville tomorrow at 2pm.

On Cinco De Mayo (also known as my sister's birthday), I will be starting a new job. I gave my resignation with a two week notice yesterday morning. After nearly four years, I decided to get a job closer to home. And, guess what? I will be able to access this blog from my new job! That's the ultimate perk!

Enjoy these photos from this morning:

Let's "pinky-swear"...

I'm a serious student!

C'mon, put up your dukes!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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