April 17

Yesterday was an unusual day. Daphne cried for long periods of time and seemed to be persistently fussy all day long. The oddest part of it all was her lack of poo. Daphne normally produces more than her fair share of fecal gifts during an average day, but not yesterday. She went basically a whole day producing nothing more than a few diaper smears.

Frantic and worried, we GOOGLE searched "6 weeks no poo" on the internet and found that it is actually quite common for babies to not yield a number two from time to time (especially those that are only breastfed like Daphne). She appears well hydrated and very attentive, but her poor mid-section is probably upset due to her clogged plumbing.

According to Jennie, today was much better. Daphne had some major blowouts! hehehe That's my girl! Way to fill up a diaper or six!

Gotta run for now...

More pictures on the way,
Dave T.

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