April 8

Today featured one of those tearfully blessed moments between Daphne and Jennie. While I was at work, Daphne smiled at her Mommy from ear to ear for the first time (and gas was not the impetus). Each day I rush home like an obsequious puppy to play with my little girl. I love bouncing her in my lap, exercising her little legs, and watching her stare back at my butt chin in amazement and awe.

I finally got in touch with Home Depot Direct's GE installation crew this morning. They agreed to install our new dishwasher Thursday. So, assuming all goes well and we have no leaks or issues, I can re-tile the kitchen floor this weekend (maybe).

The motto for this year's NHL playoffs is "the reason for the season". Tomorrow night, the second season begins and I am pumped up! I do not expect the Predators to win the Stanley Cup, but winning round one would be sweet.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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