April 7

Daphne seems to be fighting off a pesky, little cold these days. Stuffy nose, elevated temperature, and increased fussy behavior are a few of the side effects. Once she is old enough to take Infant Tylenol drops, we will be able to relax.

Our kitchen is still awaiting the christening of our new dishwasher. My arms are still a bit sore from removing grout and tile, but the biggest headache will be installation itself.

I telphoned Home Depot last night, this morning, and tonight to reschedule my dishwasher installation with no luck. Getting in touch with the General Electric contractors hired by Home Depot Direct has proven difficult. Had I not already paid for installation services, I might be tempted to install the appliance myself. Oh well, I am sure it will all work out in the end.

As the NHL Playoffs commence this Wednesday night, I will be anxious to follow the festivities. The Predators begin their series in Detroit on Thursday night (full national broadcast on VERSUS channel at 6pm CST).

Talk to the hand...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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