April 2

Our new dishwasher was delivered today. But, it is still boxed up sitting on a crate next to our fireplace. You see, I made the ultimate faux pas a couple of years ago.

In my struggle to be the ultimate handyman and "do-it-yourselfer", I installed tile flooring to the best of my ability. It took me three weeks to meticulously cut, measure, and lay 100 square feet of tile while reading every tile book I could get my hands on. I tiled under the stove, under the refrigerator, and even the pantry. But, I mistakenly tiled right up to the dishwasher (and not underneath it).

So, long story short, I have only two options:

(1) remove my countertops (including my 80+ pound porcelain sink) in order to lift the old dishwasher from it's lair --- sorry, not gonna happen. Too many possible failure points.


(2) chip away a few tiles and remove the Hardi-Backer board in front of the existing dishwasher. Ouch! What a pain in the patooty! But, this may be a more manageable solution.

Because our kitchen sits on a wooden subfloor and not a cement slab, I had to install 1/2" cementitious board plus the tiles are 3/8" high. I effectively added nearly an inch in heighth to my floor. Geez, what a lesson I have learned!

Today is the birthday of my childhood pal, Chad. Happy 35th birthday buddy!

Tomorrow night, Jennie's parents are graciously babysitting baby Daphne at our house while Jennie and I attend our final regular season hockey game of the year. While it will be nice to take a three hour break from Daphne, we will most certainly miss her! The Predators can clinch a playoff spot if they beat the St.Louis Blues and the Vancouver Canucks lose their next game.

Aww, shucks!

I should've had a V8!

All those in favor, say "Aye"

Where am I?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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