April 21

Daphne's next routine doctor visit is this Friday afternoon (she will be celebrating 2 months of life). I really hope to attend, but I will only be halfway into my two week notice (and I am unsure if my current boss will be lenient to my plea). Jennie and I anxiously await to see if Daphne weighs over 10 pounds yet. I hear that the vaccinations may lead to extreme drowsiness and sometimes fussiness. We are used to her being fussy, but the drowsiness would be a new twist. I long for some restful sleep!

My exit interview takes place Wednesday afternoon. Funny thing about changing jobs, your co-workers seem to always ask the same old questions: (1) where are you going? (2) why are you leaving? (3) and, can you take me with you? hehehe

Do they honestly care where you are going? Or why you are leaving? I doubt it. It is simply polite small talk.

Why should the last days of a job feel somber like a funeral? It should be more like a wake with live music and a wet bar.

Oh well, I have rambled enough...

Daphne is beginning to wake up from her nap. Time for Daddy to help assist Mommy.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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