July 10

My new Dell PC arrived yesterday afternoon and I am thoroughly pleased! For a "Scratch and Dent" model, it is fairly pristine. One little scratch in the rear bottom left side of the case saved me over $300 (based on the brand new sticker price). Geez, why are people so afraid to shop this way? I highly recommend the Dell Outlet. (unpaid testimonial)

Sometimes the finest things in life are simple... introducing the Inspiron 530 - Intel Quad-Core PC

I plugged it in, uninstalled all of the "bloatware" (you know, the extra garbage software installed on new PCs), installed my productivity software, and sat back in awe. Quad core processing is amazing! Anyhoo, I am still getting used to Windows Vista, but it does not seem that bad at first glance. I do hear a lot of folks complain about it, so my final judgment will remain guarded.

Not quite my "BEFORE" and "AFTER", but close... (yeah, right)

This past Tuesday was the final "weigh-in" for my work's Biggest Loser competition. Humbled and honored, I came in 1st place with a minuscule 10.2 pound cumulative weight loss. My initial goal was to lose 20+ pounds in 6 weeks (ouch). Now I must focus on keeping it off long term (and build on my healthier eating habits). I want to be able to chase after Daphne without experiencing shortness of breath (or having to grab my heart like Redd Foxx from the award-winning TV Show, "Sanford and Son". hehehe)

Daphne will be 19 weeks old tomorrow. More photos this weekend for sure...

Quote of the Day: "The authority of a person is inversely proportional to the number of pens that person is carrying." ~ some dude

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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