July 31

Once again I have gotten sidetracked in the lazy days of summer. It seems that Daphne, my job, and my latest hobby (watch repair) have consumed most of my time.

This Saturday I hope to finish my kitchen tile repair work for good. Jennie and Daphne will be out and about running errands, so I can finish grouting and make any last minute tile cuts uninterrupted. We fear the new grout (different brand) will stand out and look different (from the old, original stuff). A couple of wide ranging suggestions from friends and family: "spill some coffee or food on the new grout to help it blend", "don't worry about it", and "grout? Why bother grouting? It looks fine, Davey" hehehe.

Here's the pattern I used for my kitchen floor...

Keep an eye out for some updated photos of Daphne before the weekend is in full swing.

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Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Fortune Cookies said...

thats some nice tile work, do you hire out? lol