July 17

In the next few days, I will be posting several 1 to 2 minute video clips of Daphne. I have so much video to splice, but I think you will really enjoy them.

This week, my employer has been holding another liquidation sale of fine timepieces for employees at a fraction of cost (consisting of vendor samples, TV displays, returns, scratch and dents, etc). Several of my co-workers have purchased 10+ watches, and I can't blame them (especially with Christmas right around the corner). I purchased a couple of Haurex (Italian) and limited edition Vostok-Europe (Russian) watches as well as an Avier (Swiss) stadium watch. My Riedenschild (exquisite German timepiece) will be up for sale soon; I just don't have the patience to own a manual watch that requires winding every day. Only battery-powered or automatic (kinetic) watches for me!

Here's one of my favorite acquisitions...

Well, I need to run for now, but check back for some new Daphne photos later today...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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