July 23

Daphne can almost sit up completely without the aid of a pillow. If you place Daphne's palms flat on her knees while she sits up, she succeeds. Well, until she turns her heavy, bobble head and throws off her balance. I believe she will be crawling very soon as well...

My mother had knee replacement surgery yesterday. Get well soon, Mom!

Remember me griping last summer about the abandoned house behind ours? Technically, the homeowners are probably trying to sell it or lease it, I suppose (with no luck). Someone should mention to the homeowners that houses sell quicker if you mow the yard more than once per year and provide any sort of upkeep (weeding mulch beds, fixing broken windows, etc). But, that's another topic for another day...

Enjoying outside activity becomes tough with mosquitoes aplenty, so Jennie found this valuable product yesterday: Mosquito Dunks. Our neighbors have a stagnant above ground swimming pool (approximately 20 foot diameter) that has not been drained or cleaned in over 2 1/2 years. Last year, the pool water mutated from a delightful green color to a dingy brown. With lily pads popping up, the frog infested water now has a black tint. Yuck! And, sending a registered letter to our town's codes department and mayor yielded no response to this unhealthy eyesore.

Oh well, enough of my rambling for today.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


Jennie said...

Well, that's not completely true. I did see the owner empty 4 gallons of mystery liquid into the pool. Maybe, it was magic.

Anonymous said...

You probably have more than bugs to worry about if the pool is really that bad. No telling what crud the bugs are transporting to your yard and family.

good luck getting it drained by someone else than the owner