July 24

Daphne's day was quite busy. Jennie ran some errands and visited friends with the little daffodil. When I got home from work, Daphne took a four hour nap, drank some milk, and went back to sleep for the evening. Her nap schedule is a little out of whack and tomorrow will be another action-packed day, too. Jennie and Grammy have a full day planned to take Daphne out on the town.

Well, my newest hobby of the moment is collecting and working on wristwatches. My watchmaker's toolkit arrived today in the mail and now I have the necessary tools to repair, add/remove links, and basically service any type of watch. The $13 toolkit from eBay has already paid for itself. The local jewelry stores charge $10 to add/remove links and $20 to do any type of watch service/maintenance. Now, if I only understood how all the little gears worked inside! hehehe
My favorite Russian Aviator watch.
It is a simple, yet elegant timepiece.
(click watch for larger image)

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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