July 2

MILESTONE ALERT: Daphne sat up in her Bumbo seat yesterday and played with her little bunny. Closing in on 18 weeks of age, our little princess is becoming a big girl. If she could only grow some hair!

I tried to upgrade my motherboard and CPU last night, but I was "sniped" on eBay. I found a really great, low price and bid on it several days ago. Less than 20 seconds before the item closed, someone outbid me and I lost out. Oh well, I refused to get in a bidding war and pay more than the product was actually worth. So, patiently, I will keep my eyes peeled for other opportunities.

Uh, oh. My "Service Engine" light is glowing prominently once again on my dashboard. I will be really angry if I have blown another O2 sensor in my 7 year old Subaru Legacy. Purchased brand spanking new in December 2001, I have driven 105,000+ miles. Granted, I never get any maintenance done (and only pay for oil changes every 3000 miles). But, blowing six or seven O2 sensors seems excessive and just last December, I replaced the dual catalytic converter which houses four stinking O2 sensors.

Could it be time for a new Toyota Prius? With gas prices soaring, a hybrid sounds great. But, I am not too keen on having a car payment (something I have avoided for almost 5 years now). My current goal is to drive my Legacy until the doors fall off.

Oh well, Daphne is doing great (her personality is beginning to show more and more each day). Take a gander at these photos below and you will see what I mean!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Lizz said...

She is adorable!