July 8

During a mid-morning feeding, Daphne casually spit up an endless amount of breast milk (thanks to a massive gas bubble in her tummy). Needless to say, Mommy and Daphne were both splattered. Usually, Daphne burps without any difficulty, but today she would need a nice, warm bath instead.

Later, Daphne launched a full-scale "poop"-splosion in her crib while enjoying her mobile. Daphne's "crap"-quake shook the house and Jennie came running from another room! Her little bottom spewed more lava than Mount Vesuvius. Our sweet pea had earned her second bath of the day!

Each day, I love playing "pat-a-cake" and "boom chick-a-boom" with Daphne as soon as I arrive home from work. Her eyes light up and the magical ear-to-ear grin warms my heart. Thank goodness for little girls!

After bath number one, the calm before the poo tsunami...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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