July 19

Today I happily babysat Daphne while Jennie spent a few hours sewing with her buddies. It was a piece of cake really. Daphne slept nearly the whole time Jennie was away. I gave her a large bottle of Mommy's boob refreshment between naps. We played in her exer-saucer, motorized swing, and playpen until she voiced her displeasure (baby boredom).

After Jennie returned, I mowed my knee-high, weed-filled backyard. Poor little Maggie (my 10-year old Cairn Terrier) could have gotten lost in that forest of grass, volunteer weeds, and thistles. I really try not to let the yard get so tall, but it always seems to rain whenever I want to mow. While my rechargeable, electric mower is rated to cut 1/3 of an acre of average height grass on one battery charge, it runs out of juice quickly when the grass is as tall as me. Oh well, that's the price of being GREEN. I still have an ancient gas-powered mower for any emergency mowing needs, but I hate buying gas at $4 a gallon. So, I mow what I can and plug in the electric mower to finish the job another day.

I still have a gas & oil powered weed eater with an extra loud motor for that necessary testosterone release. I may be GREEN mowing the yard, but I burn some serious petrol as I whack them weeds! What a release! Vroom, vroom, vroom...

Here are two more videos of Daphne in her crib. As she begins to sit up, crawl, and say, "da da", I will post more video...

Recorded July 15th -- Proudly swimming in the crib

Recorded June 28th -- Daphne's explosive blowout in her diaper.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Anonymous said...

She is just beautiful and I can't wait until August to see her, but I cannot believe that her daddy would post a "blowout". Just wait until I tell her that.