November 12

Painting the baby room is now 25% complete. I will post pictures soon...

The only remaining area in our house with the original "boring, creamy white" contractor paint job is in the hallway which connects our guest rooms and guest bathroom. Several of our rooms have been painted more than once (Jennie likes to keep me busy!). In the past, Jennie and I both could knock out a room in a few hours (she freehanding the trim and me rolling the big areas). But, she is forbidden to enter the room due to pregnancy. We did, however, purchase the low VOC (low odor) Green Seal paint from Lowe's.

Enjoy your week! Just 10 days until Turkey Time... (I can smell the pumpkin pie now)

And, only 8 days until Jennie's next doctor visit.

LINK OF THE DAY: Push the Third Button Twice

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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